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May 2008
Joan Orville Ambrosio (newbgning@aol.com) writes:
Class of '73...north and south and village school should finally be all in one place, on the same night, together. I will participate activily with the planning. Let's do it ourselves, we do not need reunions unlimited!!!!
Joan Orville Ambrosio 516-633-3544
August 2007
Edgar von Schmidt-Pauli (GNN '53) sens this list of famous people from Great Neck.
November 2004
I'm trying to get in touch with an old childhood friend who graduated from the Village School in 1980. His name is Daniel Yetnikoff. I just want to see if he'd like to catch up - we haven't been in touch since we both graduated in 1980 - he from the Village School, and I from Great Neck South - but we were very close friends when we were young.

I was wondering if anyone could possibly forward this e-mail to him, so that he'll be able to contact me if he wants to? My contact info is:

Dave Resnick
416 Portofino Drive, Apt 306
San Carlos, CA 94070
May 2004
I have been informed that my high school buddy and graduate of The Village School 1980 Sandy Gaster, had committed suicide in 2001. Sandy had been my good friend from the time we were 7 years old until graduation in 1980, when we went seperate ways. I haven't seen him in over 20 years, but I thank God for his friendship. brucehamby@hotmail.com
December 2003
Phil Brodsky provided this picture of the KJ 6th grade class of 1972. Find your face!
September 4, 2003
Debra Aanonsen is looking for Lorelie Southard. Can you help her find her?
August 22, 2003
We got our web counters back! We're now able to forward mail to year@vsalumni.org to the reunion coordinator. If you're organizing a reunion and want that to happen, send mail to web@gnalumni.org.
August 12, 2003
We're back from the service outage which kept us off the air since the 7th.
June 18, 2001
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